1. General information

The General Terms and Conditions of the ESC-APE.si / ESC-APE.co online store (after referred to as “Online Store”) have been drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (hereinafter ZVPot), the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1),  Law on Electronic Communications (ZEKom-1), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), based on the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the international codes for e-commerce. The owner, the administrator and the manager of the Online Store is eKlik, Dejan KOREN, s.p. (hereinafter referred to as “The Owner”).

The content of the General Terms refers to the terms of use of content and services in the Online Store. The general terms and conditions are valid on all pages and subpages of the Online Store. In the event that you do not agree with the general terms, we ask that you do not make the purchase through our Online Store. With any purchase made through our Online Store, you are deemed to be acquainted with the full content of the general terms and conditions and fully agree with them. The terms are updated regularly and accessible to everyone. The Owner does not undertake the obligation for the correctness and completeness of the information on the pages of the Online Store, nor does it undertake the correctness and completeness of the textual, visual and sound material.

Sale and delivery of goods are possible throughout the world since The Owner offers worldwide shipping. The Online Store allows you to purchase products online and is freely available on the Internet. The Online Store provides products and information about them and product prices.

Company info

Company name: eKlik, Dejan KOREN, s.p.
Address: Staneta Severja 20, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia
VAT ID: 68189672 (Company is NOT liable for VAT)
Registration number: 6893830000
IBAN: SI56 6100 0001 1401 242 (opened at the Delavska hranilnica d.d., Slovenia)

  1. Information Accessibility

The Owner undertakes to always provide the buyer with the following information:

  • - the identity of the company (name and registered office, data from the registry)
  • - contact information that enables the customer to communicate quickly
  • - the final price of goods or services, including taxes
  • - information about possible additional transportation or shipping costs
  • - payment terms and conditions of delivery
  • - information about the complaint procedure with the company
  • - acquainting with responsibility for actual errors
  • - the possibility and conditions of the guarantee and the possibility of exercising the right to withdrawal from the contract
  • - validity and duration of the contract
  • - the costs of returning goods
  1. Purchase procedure

Ordering in the Online Store takes place 24 hours a day and every day of the year. Orders can be sent via the virtual shopping cart, via e-mail on hello@esc-ape.co. Orders by e-mail must necessarily contain the following information: name and surname of the addressee or payer, street, home and postal number, province and country, contact telephone number and e-mail address, and the name of the desired product or product list. After the submission of the order through an online store or via e-mail, the customer receives a notice of receipt of the order to his e-mail address. If the buyer orders in the Online Store, he enters the required information into the virtual basket. Accepted orders are considered irrevocable and will be derived. If the buyer wishes to resign from the contract, he must inform The Owner as soon as possible via e-mail at hello@esc-ape.co.

The Owner reserves the right to reject the order, insofar as it finds that it cannot perform it under the specified conditions and with the information it holds. If the order has already been paid, The Owner will refund the buyer the entire purchase price.

The buyer receives a purchase contract via e-mail to his e-mail address. If a buyer registers before purchasing in the online store, he can review the history of his purchases and the concluded contracts in The Online Store with his username and password.

  1. Methods of payment

The Owner offers the following payment methods:

  • - payment via PayPal,
  • - payment with MasterCard or Visa via Braintree Payment Gateway
  1. Shipping and delivery times

All ordered products are shipped with DHL Express. In case the order is delivered on a working day by 3 pm, the shipment is dispatched on the same day if the goods are in stock. The shipment usually arrives in 3-5 business days. If goods are not in stock, an indicative delivery period is indicated for each product.

  1. Prices

All product prices are indicated in EUR, USD or GBP, depends on the country that the buyer is from. All prices include VAT if applicable. Prices apply at the time the order is done and do not have a predefined validity. Delivery costs are not included in the price of the product.

The Online Store lists regular and reduced prices. In the case of a reduced price, the regular price is crossed out. Reduced prices indicate the special prices of certain products selected by The Owner and offer them to customers for a limited time.

The prices apply in the case of payment with the previously mentioned payment methods and under the above conditions.

The sales contract between The Owner and the buyer is concluded at the moment when The Owner confirms the order (the buyer receives the status message that the order has been confirmed). From this moment, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to both The Owner and the buyer.

  1. The right to withdraw from the purchase

According to the ZVPot, the buyer has the right to notify The Owner within 14 days for withdrawing from the contract, without having to state the reason for his decision. The time limit for the exercise of the right of withdrawal shall begin on the day following the receipt of the goods.

In accordance with paragraph 6 of article 43.c of ZVPot, the only cost charged to the buyer in connection with the withdrawal from the contract is the direct cost of returning the goods. The buyer must return the product no later than 14 days after the notice of the withdrawal.

The buyer must return the goods to The Owner new, undamaged and unchanged unless the item is destroyed, defective, lost or if its quantity is decreased, without the buyer being responsible for it. The buyer must not be freely using the goods until the cancellation of the contract.

The buyer may carry out the inspection and testing of items to the extent necessary to determine the actual situation. The buyer is responsible for reducing the value of the goods if the reduction is the consequence of the behaviour that is not strictly necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods. The refund of the paid-in payments will be made as soon as possible and at the latest within 14 days from the receipt of the returned product. In order to ensure the certainty, accuracy and timeliness of the return and provide a record of payments, the refund of the payment to the customer is made exclusively by transfer to his account. A refund can not be made in cash, and The Owner will refuse all returned packages without notice.

In the event of withdrawal from the contract where the bonus, discount code or promotional code was used, these assets are considered as a discount and are not returned to the buyer. Only the paid amount is returned to the customer account.

In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the gift voucher is considered as a means of payment and is returned to the buyer as a gift voucher and the paid amount is returned to the buyer’s account.

The right to refund the purchased price in case of claiming a warranty and material defects are more precisely regulated by the ZVPot.

  1. Warranty and original product error

In accordance with the law, The Owner is obliged to provide the buyer with a guarantee for the proper operation of the purchased goods. The buyer can claim the guarantee with The Owner. The Owner is obliged to perform a warranty repair within 45 days of the receipt of the goods, otherwise, the product will be replaced with another, equivalent and seamless product. The return of the goods shall be carried out in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. All other potential irregularities or complaints are carefully solved together with the buyer, in the best possible way for the buyer. The buyer must provide a copy of the invoice when claiming a warranty. The address for the return of the goods to The Owner is eKlik, Dejan KOREN, s.p., Staneta Severja 20, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia, Europe. Before sending the goods, it is necessary to contact The Owner and complete the reclamation process via e-mail. The unannounced shipments will be rejected by The Owner. We recommend that you use a delivery service that allows you to track the item and prepare the goods properly for transport (you can use the original packaging or other suitably safe packaging). Written complaints can be addressed to e-mail on hello@esc-ape.co. In the event of a reclamation, the buyer may, in accordance with legal restrictions, request replacement of the item, repair or refund of the purchase price.

The Material Defect

The material defect is when:

  • - The item has no qualities necessary for its normal use,
  • - The item does not have the properties necessary for the particular use for which the buyer buys it, but which the seller was familiar with or should have known to him,
  • - The item has no qualities and distinctions that were explicitly or silently agreed or prescribed,
  • - The seller has delivered an item that does not match the sample or model unless the sample or model was shown only for the purpose of the notice.

The suitability of the item is checked with another, impeccable item of the same type, as well as with the statements of the manufacturer or the indications on the item itself.

The buyer must inform The Owner of any material defect together with the exact description of the item at his own expense within the statutory deadline and allow him to review the item at the same time. The right to claim a material defect in the item is more precisely regulated by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

  1. Discharge of responsibility

The Owner shall make his best effort to ensure the up-to-date and correctness of the information published on his websites.  Nevertheless, the characteristics of the items, the delivery period or the price may change so quickly that The Owner fails to correct the information on the web pages. In such a case, the vendor  will notify the buyer of the changes and allow him to resign from the order or to replace the ordered item. Although The Owner is trying to provide accurate photographs of sales items, all photos must be considered symbolic. Photos do not provide the properties of the item. The vendor reserves the right to change the general terms at any time and in any way, regardless of the reason and without prior notice. The Owner is not responsible for the failure of the Online Store, if this failure is due to factors that are not affected by The Owner.

  1. Protection of personal data

The Owner commits to permanently protect all personal data of customers.

The Owner will use personal data exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling the order (sending information materials, offers, accounts) and other necessary communication and for informing about the novelties and the action offer of the online store.

From the receipt of promotional messages from the Owner, the customer can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link in the promotional message. The Owner may also inform the buyer of the special offers of other online stores that are solely owned by The Owner. The data will in no case be handed over to unauthorized persons and will be wholly owned by eKlik, Dejan KOREN, s.p.. The website hosting provider provides SSL certificate that is installed on the server.

For the protection of personal data, the buyer himself is also responsible for ensuring the security of the computer and the functioning system on which it performs orders.

  1. Complaints and disputes

The Owner respects the applicable consumer protection legislation. The Owner is doing his best to fulfil its duty to establish an effective complaint handling system and to identify the person with whom the customer can connect via email. The complaint procedure is available on the website and is easy to use and confidential. Within five working days, The Owner will confirm that he has received the complaint, informed the buyer how long he will handle it and keep him informed about the progress of the procedure. The Owner is aware that the essential characteristic of the consumer dispute, at least in terms of judicial resolution, is the disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the costs arising in the resolution of the dispute itself. This is also the main obstacle for the consumer not to initiate a dispute before a court. That’s why the provider makes every effort to settle any dispute by mutual consent. In the event that this is not possible, the court in Maribor is competent for all disputes.

  1. Notification

The Owner may anticipate once, but not more than twice a month, by e-mail, send a newsletter of the current offer to its customers. Recipients of newsletters can unsubscribe at any time via a link that is also part of every message.  

  1. Access to contracts and general terms and conditions

The Owner issues an invoice with a breakdown of costs to the buyer. The buyer is obliged to check the accuracy of the information on the invoice and inform the provider of any errors as soon as possible. Invoices after the issue can no longer be changed. We do not consider later claims. The purchase contract (order) is stored electronically on The Owner’s server. The Owner can at any time forward the contract to the buyer if the buyer makes a request to the email on hello@esc-ape.co.

Also, the buyer has control over an overview of the history of orders, in case he makes a registration at the time of purchase, which is optional.

  1. Settlement of consumer disputes Out-of-court

In accordance with the legal norms, The Owner does not recognize any performer of an out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as competent for solving the consumer dispute that the consumer could launch in accordance with the Law on out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

The Owner as a provider of goods and services in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia publishes an electronic link on the Dispute Resolution Platform (SRPS) on its website. The platform is available to consumers here: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=EN

The mentioned arrangement is based on the Law on out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No. 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC.

  1. Customer support and communication

The Owner will contact the customer via means of distance communication only if the buyer does not explicitly object to this. Advertising emails will contain the following components:

  • They will be clearly and unequivocally labelled as advertising messages
  • The sender will be clearly visible
  • The recipient will be able to easily unsubscribe from receiving messages.

The Owner will respect the will and the wishes of the user.

Various campaigns and promotions will be marked as such, and the conditions and duration will be evident

In case you need further clarification or information, please contact us at hello@esc-ape.co

@escape.wear on instagram