We print all of our products at our warehouse, so we can provide the best quality and perfect products to you. All of our tees are printed on PREMIUM T-shirts, made out of 100% cotton (except for melange color's which include viscose). We have separate models of T-shirts for male and female. If you are wondering how the shirts fit or what the material is made out of please see the below info. 

T-Shirts (Men)SMLXLXXL
Width (A)48 cm50 cm54 cm58 cm62 cm
Height (B)69 cm71 cm73 cm75 cm77 cm

T-Shirts (Woman)SMLXLXXL
Width (A)40 cm43 cm46 cm49 cm52 cm
Height (B)60 cm62 cm64 cm66 cm68 cm

Measures in the table above are for informative use only - measurements might vary.

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